About Us

Our Goal

Our goal at Asian Resource Network is to improve quality of life among Asian individuals and families who navigate developmental disability through increasing access to and familiarity with Intellectual & Developmentally Disabled (IDD) service providers.

Diversity in Health Training Institute

Diversity in Health Training Institute is a non-profit organization established since 2011 by former Alameda County Supervisor, Alice Lai-Bitker, to address the shortage of culturally competent and linguistically diverse healthcare workers. Our mission is to expand and diversify the healthcare workforce by connecting immigrants to healthcare career pathways in the U.S. We collaborate with local educators and employers to support immigrants and English as Secondary Language learners into healthcare career pathways in the Bay Area of Northern California

Funding for Asian Resource Network

DHTI’s Asian Resource Network (ARN) project, launched in 2020, is funded by the Department of Developmental Services to promote Service Access and Equity. ARN aims to increase access to services for Asians navigating intellectual and developmental disabilities through community outreach and engagement, workforce development.